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Teleflora's Precious in Purple Daisy Colander Bouquet Teleflora's Spring Pitcher Bouquet
Daisy Colander Bouquet
Our Price: $49.99
If you want to impress someone, send elegant flowers in a soft lavender vase accented with a lavender ribbon. Warm, rich, dramatic, it's the kind of gift that says, "You're special. And so am I." Home is where Mom's heart is, and a big part of that home is the kitchen. So what better gift than fresh flowers in a daisy-decorated ceramic colander to brighten up the family's busiest room? She'll love it and use it forever. Upgrade to deluxe and get spray roses! A burst of brilliant blooms in a charming, vintage-inspired pitcher made of bottle-green glass. This cheerful keepsake will brighten Mom's table all year long as a container for orange juice, milk or any favorite beverage. She'll love it.
Pumpkin Patch A pot of Sunflowers Sparkling Alstroemeria
Pumpkin Patch
Our Price: $49.99
A pot of Sunflowers
Our Price: $49.99
Sparkling Alstroemeria
Our Price: $49.99
Nature in casual dress, this unique floral arrangement combines sophistication with country charm, crowned with a pretty pumpkin. With bright yellow sunflowers and roses, it's like bringing a little bit of the outdoors in. Sunflowers, chrysanthemums and roses arrive in a matching cachepot. Like stars in the sky, these bright alstroemeria really sparkle. Who wouldn't be dazzled?
Yellow, white and pink alstroemeria arrive in a classic glass vase.
Yellow Rose Bravo! Modern Sunshine End of the Rainbow
Yellow Rose Bravo!
Our Price: $45.00
Modern Sunshine
Our Price: $44.99
End of the Rainbow
Our Price: $44.99
This bold, beautiful display of yellow roses is sure to show the strong feelings you have toward that special someone.
Yellow roses with fern delivered in a clear glass cube.
When you want to send a gift that's pure sunshine, a bouquet of brilliant yellow sunflowers is as good as gold. Six big, perfect blossoms arrive in a modern green glass cube vase that's lined with glossy green leaves. It's like giving a box of joy! What the best-dressed tables in the Hamptons might be wearing this summer. A floral arrangement with such lush colors, so artfully arranged it's like a vacation for the soul.
Yellow Floral Basket Teleflora's Color It Happy Brighten Your Day
Yellow Floral Basket
Our Price: $44.99
Brighten Your Day
Our Price: $42.99
This wonderful basket filled with bright yellow flowers is so cheerful, it will make that special someone start feeling better, sooner. Alstroemeria, chrysanthemums and roses arrive tucked into a round wicker basket. Whichever season of the year, this charming bouquet is like a breath of spring.
A gorgeous multicolored bouquet in a yellow vase tied with a yellow ribbon -couldn't be springier!
They brighten your day, every day. So, let them know how much it means to you
Enchanted Evening Teleflora's Upsy Daisy Teleflora's Polka Dots and Posies
Enchanted Evening
Our Price: $42.00
Teleflora's Upsy Daisy
Our Price: $39.99
This fragrant blend of crème and white blossoms is an enchanting vision of floral beauty.
It’s as soft and pretty as a cloud! A leaf-lined vase adds a special touch to this stunning bouquet that’s appropriate for any special occasion.
What could be sweeter than a cheerful yellow vase filled with white and yellow daisies? Can't think of anything? Then choose this sunny bouquet. It will brighten their day. For a special treat that can’t be beat, this delightfully cheery bouquet of white daisies and pink roses – presented in a delicately tinted pink glass cube vase, accented with a matching pink polka-dot ribbon – is like a gift of pure joy!
Teleflora's Silver Lining Wild Plum Roses Butterscotch Roses
Teleflora's Silver Lining
Our Price: $39.99
Wild Plum Roses
Our Price: $39.99
Butterscotch Roses
Our Price: $39.99
There's a silver lining for every day of the year, and for the holidays most of all! This precious mix of red roses, carnations, faux berries and silver ornaments (all tied up with a fancy silver ribbon) will have someone counting their blessings this holiday season. The untamed beauty of roses, jumbled in a mix of deep pink and lavender. It's a luxurious bouquet, and the perfect way to say "Thank you!", "I miss you", or "just I'm thinking of you today.". The delicacy of pastel roses, framed by rustic autumn leaves. What a gloriously creative floral gift for!
We've taken garden-fresh roses and dipped them in butterscotch.
From vibrant yellow to golden orange, this refreshing mix evokes summer's brightness, warmth and irresistible charm. With simple elegance, it's perfect for any occasion.
Clear Day Bouquet Be Happy Bouquet Hint of Mint
Clear Day Bouquet
Our Price: $39.99
Be Happy Bouquet
Our Price: $39.99
Hint of Mint
Our Price: $39.99
It's said that the color yellow evokes joy and happiness which is probably why yellow blooms can't help but make us smile.
Send this bright bouquet and share a sun-filled day. Also available in pink, green and lavender.
They can't help but feel a little better when a bright yellow happy face carrying a cheerful bouquet arrives. Smiles guaranteed. Daisies and roses are delivered in Teleflora's Be Happy Mug. Freshly minted. Our cool green keepsake vase holds the sunniest flowers in the field: alstroemeria for friendship, carnations for beauty and chrysanthemums for fidelity.
Bright yellow alstroemeria, carnations and chrysanthemums arrive in a keepsake gift vase. Approximately 10" W x 9" H.
Fragrance Vase Fiesta Gerbera Rose Harvest
Fragrance Vase
Our Price: $39.99
Fiesta Gerbera
Our Price: $39.99
Rose Harvest
Our Price: $35.00
We've designed this mixed bouquet with an eye on color and texture and a nose pointed to light, fresh, fragrant scents. Delight their senses with this floral treat.
Fragrant stock, spray roses, alstroemeria and miniature carnations. Approx. 20" H x 11" W
Celebrate life's most cherished moments with this colorful collection of vibrant, happy gerbera. They're the perfect gift for any occasion you want to recognize.
Multi-colored gerbera and the most simple of foliages are delivered in a clear glass vase. Approximately 9" W x 10" H
The delicacy of pastel roses, framed by rustic autumn leaves.
What a gloriously creative floral gift for someone very, very special.
Simple Pleasures Joyful And Thrilling Dashing Daisies
Simple Pleasures
Our Price: $35.00
Joyful And Thrilling
Our Price: $35.00
Dashing Daisies
Our Price: $35.00
The perfect way to bring joy to a friend, co-worker or relative may very well be with this bright little basket of fresh flowers.
Alstroemeria, carnations and chrysanthemums arrive happily arranged in a handled, whitewashed wicker basket.
There's big news, and you want to celebrate. What could add more to the thrill of it all than this bright, bold and beautiful bouquet?
Richly hued alstroemeria, carnations, daisies and solidaster arrive in a clear glass bowl decorated with a yellow ribbon.
Send these bright and joyful daisies and that special someone's heart will skip a beat or two.
White and yellow daisies, along with foliage, arrive in a clear glass bubble bowl.
Sassy Sunflowers Pink Lemonade Roses Lavender Garden
Sassy Sunflowers
Our Price: $34.99
Pink Lemonade Roses
Our Price: $34.99
Lavender Garden
Our Price: $34.99
Like the sun itself, sunflowers are said to provide power and warmth.
Perfectly sized for a desk or bedside table, these playful blooms will shine brightly in any spot.
Soft as a whisper, this deceptively delicate floral arrangement is loaded with charm. Send it to someone who appreciates the power of understatement. We tucked a mix of lavender blooms—representing grace and elegance—into this charming basket and topped it with a chiffon bow. A fitting tribute to someone precious and dear.